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Only two outfits to share this week!  I have not been remembering to take photos in the morning, and by the evening, I am all dirty from gardening!  I finally got my veggie garden planted, except for the tomatoes which we will be picking up from a friend soon.

Earlier this week I wore this really casual outfit for errands, gardening, and then indoor chores.  I obviously did not wear the apron out!  But I have been wearing an assortment during my indoor chores so as not to dirty up my clothes, which would mean more laundry than is needed.

Later in the week we had to take David’s truck in for some mechanical work and this is what I wore.  I didn’t realize I’d already worn the skirt with a green top a few days prior!  Oh well, it was an outfit that worked:)

At the request of many ladies in my Modest Young Women fashion group, as well as some of you readers, I have created another fashion challenge for the month of June. It runs the whole month, and you are welcome to participate!  If you feel comfortable, you can share your outfits on social media #MYWJuneFashionChallenge .

Also in the month of June is a hairstyling challenge, again, at the request of some.  I am excited for this one because it is unlike the other challenges I have hosted.  Instead of a daily challenge to meet, I have listed only two per week.  My hope is that this will be easy for most ladies to follow, instead of trying to keep up with a new hair style every day!


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20-something; rural dwelling; wife to David; homeowner; pretty good cook; wearer of skirts; friend to all cats.

3 comments on “weekly outfits (58)

  1. Great outfits, I love your apron :) I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog and I’m definitely going to try the June hairstyle challenge now that my pixie has finally started to grow out!

  2. Love your outfits! The hairstyle challenge sounds intriguing. I always wear my hair the same – either down or up in a ponytail. Do you wear skirts for gardening? I’m starting a garden this year and I’m trying to figure out what I can wear that would be suitable for gardening! I really only wear skirts unless I’m working out.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Yes, I do wear skirts for gardening. I made some simple cotton knee length skirts from old bed sheets, but I do have a few long skirts that I use as well. I find it took some getting used to, but now I am quite capable gardening in a skirt!

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