weekly outfits 59+60, and MYW June Fashion Challenge (1)

Ok, lots of outfits here to share since I missed last week’s post!

At the end of May the weather was still kind of off; some days would be rainy and cold while others were more mild.  This outfit is a result of that weird weather!  I wanted to wear spring clothes, but needed a heavy cardigan to stay warm.

But as you can see in the next photo, I was soon able to wear a shorter dress again!  I don’t usually like spring because of the crazy weather.  Rain is fine and all, but I dislike to cold!

I recently sewed myself a new blouse made from a table cloth that belonged to my late grandmother.  I’m really pleased with how this turned out! There was no pattern used, except one I drafted myself.

I can’t remember when I wore this outfit or for what occasion, but I am thinking it was just to run errands.

The start of June brought two new challenges related to fashion.  I am running them in my Modest Young Women fashion group on Facebook, but am still talking about them here because my outfits reflect the challenges.


June 1 was floral so I wore this pink blouse.  I didn’t realize I had just worn it a week or so prior, and with the same skirt!

June 2 was striped, so I did a bit of pattern mixing, as well as layering because it was cool out.

“Every day casual” was the theme for June 3, and this is my casual gardening outfit.  The skirt is one I made in the spring, but the tops are both fairly old.

June 4 was spring time church, so I went with florals on another homemade blouse.  This one is made from a bed sheet (obviously!) and is similar to the other homemade blouse I wore earlier.

June 5 was all one colour, so I wore black since we were going to my grandfather’s funeral.

I missed June 6, which was all one colour, but here is my outfit for the next day, which was mixed prints. It didn’t photograph well, but my headband is floral, which is a different pattern from my striped skirt.

The challenge for yesterday was longer length, but of course, that one day it was suuuuuper warm out!  I opted for a shorter (bedsheet) skirt and a light top for yard work.

The hair styling challenge went on simultaneously, but I had mixed results.  I tried to create a fancy ponytail style I saw on Pinterest, but it did not work well!  I think my hair was too clean and damp for it to work. 

I obviously wore a headband or head covering, as you can see from my outfit photos, so I am not sharing another photo of that style.  But I will say this about headcovering: it has really grown on me!  I didn’t wear one the other day, and it felt so weird! I’m not sure if “exposed” is the right word, but it was a feeling I didn’t like!  AS I type this post out, I am at home and not wearing any type of covering.  Typically, I don’t unless I am doing chores or yard work where I need my hair off my face.  But I have been making a point to wear a covering when I leave the house.  To read more on my thoughts about covering, check out this post.

Another part of the hairstyling challenge was to wear a braid, which is right up my alley:)  This basic french or dutch braid has become my go-to style! Normally I leave the tail end down, but it often tickles the back of my neck.  This time around I folded the tail in half, and used my “essence” flexi clip to secure the tails to the braid.

Getting back to clothes for a bit:  I must admit that doing challenges like this one, and even just sharing my outfits makes me realize what clothes I tend to wear more than others.  For example, I like that pink blouse, my striped skirt, and my denim jacket!  I still have so many clothes I haven’t worn yet this spring, but I am thinking a wardrobe purge may be needed!  I mean, there is a reason I am not gravitating to those other clothes, right?

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