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If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my post about my computer failing on me the other day.  I had been getting “disk drive” error messages for a few days but had put off taking my laptop in to be repaired since I need it for work.  Well, after several failed attempts to start up and then randomly freezing and shutting down I decided to have it looked at.  Turns out, my hard drive was failing and I was very close to losing all my files.  Thankfully it could all be saved but now I have no computer, so I’m typing this on David’s.  We are planning to go out this weekend and source a new one for me.

Why am I telling you this pointless story?  Well, why not?

Anyway, here are some of the outfits I wore this week.

David’s birthday was on February 6 so we went out for dinner and a movie the day before (he wanted to spend Saturday doing school work).  I just realized I still have bright hair clips in my hair to keep my bangs temporarily out of my face…ha!  They are getting to be such a weird length!  In this outfit I’m wearing soooo many layers: tank, long sleeved tee, printed long sleeved tee, cotton pencil midi skirt, orange maxi skirt and leggings.  Surprisingly, not bulky since everything was fairly thin.

modest winter outfit

This is a super simple outfit that my mom actually suggested I put together.  Normally, I don’t wear brooches on sweaters, just cardigans, but she thought it would add a little sparkle.  I think she was right!

(btw: I’m sorry if these photos come out sideways…I had to upload them from my new external hard drive through a computer I don’t normally use!)

modest winter outfit

modest winter outfit

My Valentine’s Day present was some new Lilla Rose Flexi Clips that I picked out.  They came in the mail early so David let me have them before Valentine’s Day:)  I know this one is hard to see, but it’s called “essence” and it has purple and clear beads with a silver Tree of Life in the center.

modest winter outfit

I wore this casual outfit for lunch with a friend.  She came to pick up a little earlier than I expected, and my hair was still wet so I quickly threw it up and hoped it didn’t look gross!

modest winter outfit

Jeepers, excuse the dirty mirror!  I thought it was cleaned, but when I brightened this photo all the smudges became clear!  Anyways, this is what I wore for work yesterday.  Since my laptop was no longer usable I went to the library to get some work done.

modest winter outfit

In case you couldn’t tell, I like belting my clothes!  Adding a belt makes me feel more polished and put together.


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  1. All your outfits this week were very nice. Love the layering! I know what you mean about your bangs being a weird length now. I grew out my bangs 20 years ago and at a certain stage you feel like you can’t do anything with them.
    Good luck this weekend looking for a new computer.

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