weekly outfits (61) and MYW June Fashion Challenge (2)


Sorry for posting on Saturday instead of my usual Friday morning!  What a week I have had…Mid way through last week I had a severe reaction to mosquito bites; my first time with a lot of bites since discovering my life threatening allergy to wasp stings (a few years ago).  I had hives under my arms, on the backs of my legs, and on my hips, in addition to having recurring tightness in my throat.   Thankfully I didn’t have to visit the hospital, but I was very uncomfortable for a several days!

Suffice to say I was NOT in the mood for blogging!  I did manage to photograph a few outfits for the Modest Young Women June Fashion Challenge, and my hives are all gone now.

On June 10, last Saturday, we went to a BBQ at my in-law’s cottage.  I have been waiting to wear this dress for some time now, so I was glad to finally be able to. I made it from a secondhand bed sheet, not using a pattern. The challenge for this day was “favourite shoes” so I wore my newest pair of Birks.


On Sunday the theme was yellow, so I wore this fruit print dress (featuring lemons), which is making it’s blog debut!  I got it in France last summer at a thrift store, where you pay for your items per kilogram!  All the tops were a certain amount per KG, skirts another, etc. 

I was also doing a hair styling challenge, but admit that I bailed on it after this day of doing a bun.  The challenge ended up being more frustrating than I thought, and coming up with new styles was stressful!

On June 13 I did not follow the challenge due to my hives, but I wore this super comfy dress on an errand.  I have had it for 10+ years and it still a favourite of mine.

June 14 was “dressed by someone else”, so I asked my husband to pick out a top for me.  I had three chosen and he decided on this striped peplum.

And here is my outfit from Thursday, which was supposed to be “vintage inspired”.  I think the print of my homemade skirt is sort of retro ;)

That’s all for this week!  If you haven’t already, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter!  Also, if you are curious as to why I am wearing a head covering now, please read this post.  

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