weekly outfits (63) and MYW June Fashion Challenge (3)

Friends, it is with mixed emotions that I type this post.  You may have noticed that I’ve been falling behind this month, and I truly do feel bad about my inconsistencies.  I have been so busy because of usual gardening and housework chores, but also because I started a part time summer job.  While it is only part time, it is still enough to keep me busy and admittedly what time I do have to spare is not spent blogging.  So I have decided to take a break, for at least a few weeks, to catch up on all that I need to do, while also writing content for future posts.

I am still going to do the weekly outfit posts, but that is it for now.  I hope you understand and will continue to support me by reading Our Wood Home.  I still post on Instagram (my account is private, so you need to be signed up for IG to follow) and  will be sharing older posts on Facebook as well.  In addition, I will still send out the newsletter, so feel free to subscribe below.

Alright, that is all out of the way, so here are my outfit photos!

On Sunday the MYW June Fashion Challenge of the day was “complimentary colours”, but I don’t think I followed that well.  I just really wanted to wear this new dress I made!  It is sewn from two different printed bed sheets with an eyelet trim from a third sheet.   The head covering is also “made” by me, but it is really just a scrap of fabric. On this day I treated my mom to some birthday fun (pedicure/manicure, lunch, and fancy gelato!).

Monday was “tee shirt” but it was also yard work day, so I opted for this sleeveless top, which is like a tee shirt. I wore it with one of my homemade work skirts and was both comfortable and cool.

Tuesday we ran some errands but the weather called for a maxi skirt since it was cool and rainy.  I was able to wear my newly finished white blouse with eyelet trim (the same trim as on the dress above), which I’m quite pleased with.  The head covering was a stretch because I wasn’t sure if it would look okay with the colours in the skirt, but I think it worked well.  Oh, and the theme was “accessory” which is my head covering.

Up next is “sandals”, which was an easy challenge since I wear them quite a bit once the snow melts!  This pair of Birkenstocks is fairly new but they are my go-to pair now because they are a little fancier than my others.  Once again I wore my homemade blouse and head covering.

The last outfit of the week features another new blouse I sewed, but this outfit does not fit into the challenge of “belted”. Yesterday I did some indoor chores followed by the building of a new retaining wall around all our gardens.  The chickens like to dig in the mulch, which is fine. but they kick it all into the yard, which is not fine!  So hopefully this new wall will help contain it!

Well, that is all for now!

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