weekly outfits (64) and MYW June Fashion Challenge(4)

As promised, I am still posting weekly outfits while on my blogging break.  Here is what I wore for the “something new” challenge on June 23. The skirt is one I whipped together in an afternoon and I have a feeling it will soon become a favourite of mine.  The photo doesn’t show it well, but it is made from a pale yellow stretchy knit, and the length is about mid calf. Even though it is casual in fabric, I am sure I can wear this to church.  

The next challenge was “favourite colour”, so I wore a pink top and another homemade skirt for yard work.  For years I hated pink, but I think that is because my whole bedroom as a young child was pink!  I mean, pink carpet, walls, lamp, etc.  Then when my family moved to a new house, my new room had pink again!  I liked it at the time, but as I got older I avoided the colour at all costs.  It is only as an adult that I have begun to enjoy wearing pink.

On Sunday the challenge was to wear white or cream. I was quite excited to wear my new skirt to church, so I am glad it fit in with the challenge!  I don’t want to toot my own horn…but TOOT TOOOOOT, I love this skirt.  It is different from most of the skirts I make myself, since it actually has a structured waist. I’ve only made one other skirt that doesn’t have an elastic waist, although I have had practice making a structured waistband on dresses. This fabric is actually a bed sheet (of course!) that I had stapled to the rafters of the chicken coop over the winter to help keep drafts out.  We ended up getting a space heater and David insulated the roof, so the sheet was no longer needed, and I just stored it in the laundry room.  Then I realized the pattern placement at the bottom of the sheet would look great as a skirt hem!  So naturally, I just winged the skirt pattern, and came up with this:)  Instead of a zipper, the back closes with several buttons, which is sort of old fashioned in my mind.  I love how lightweight this fabric is, because it will be great for hot summer days.

Next is a fairly boring outfit, but it worked for cleaning out the aforementioned chicken coop.  I spread their manure and bedding all in the veggie garden too, then spread out fresh mulch for them to use in the coop.  The challenge for this day was to wear a dress, and even though I consider this more of a tunic, it was in the dress section of the store! Previously I wore this striped number over a pencil skirt, but apart from that, I have not really enjoyed wearing it much.  I find it a bit too short to wear with just leggings, since it tends to ride up, so I am considering donating it.

The challenge on Wednesday was “bag or purse”, so here is a photo of my current bag.  It is quite big, and I don’t have enough stuff to fill it, but I like using it in the summer because I can fit my water bottle in it.  It is also handy for work because I can carry a snack or two.  

Here is the outfit I wore on the same day.  The blouse is a newly sewn addition to my wardrobe, and I actually made the yellow skirt in the first photo to match it! It is white with a pink and green floral pattern (you can see a better pic of the fabric here). 

That’s all for this week!  Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians ;)

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