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As I’m typing this it is very rainy and chilly here in Ontario.  The weather reminds me more of spring than the what is typical for mid-July. These outfits were worn when the weather was still sunny and warm, so here’s hoping it will get back to normal soon!

I am including some previously unposted outfits from the end of June, earlier this month, as well as what I wore over the last week.

I can’t remember where I wore this outfit, but I know it was out for some kind of errand.  The shirt is one I got during my Disney trip, and the skirt and head covering are homemade.

At the beginning of July I went strawberry picking with my mom, so I wanted to wear an outfit that could get a stain or two without it being noticeable.  Good thing, too, because when I got home I realized I had sat in a strawberry!  I wore this skirt last summer, after picking it up at a thrift store in France. It is printed with apples and lemons, so I feel like it is maybe more appropriate for fall!

We had to stop by my in-law’s cottage one evening, so I quickly tossed this outfit together.  Earlier in the day I got a nasty sunburn on my back, so I needed something with a similar neck/back line to prevent it from hurting even more.

Last Sunday I wore a mostly homemade outfit!  The head covering, top, and skirt were all made by me.

We did have a couple rainy days this week, so I mostly stayed in and caught up on housework.

On Tuesday David and I went to see a movie!  We haven’t been out to the theatres since winter, so we decided to head out on cheap night and get a really good deal!  It was fun to do something out of our normal routine. Since the theatre is almost always cold, I brought along my denim jacket.

Yesterday David got up really early to go fishing with his dad.  I had the day off work but it rained so I stayed in and power cleaned the house.  I also did a bit of reading and sewing.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

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