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How are we already this far into July? Does anyone else feel like summer has flown by?! Admittedly, I am looking forward to fall.  As much as I enjoy the sunshine, heat, and general feel of summer, I am ready to get back into hearty stews and fall canning!

I know I complained this past winter about being tired of layers and heavy clothes, but oh well!  At least I can still appreciate each season as it happens.

I only have a few outfit photos to share today.

On Monday we went to town for some errands, and even though it was muggy and hot, I wore a cardigan because we were going indoors where there is air conditioning.  I made my head covering and blouse, which I have only worn a few times!

Same covering, different outfit.  But the blouse is homemade again ;)  I wore this outfit for a stint at the library.

Yesterday I wore this outfit for gardening, and it was pretty comfy.  The blouse it a handmedown from my grandmother, but I altered it to fit me (a size medium) from an extra-large.  It is one of my favourites:)   I don’t really care for blue, but this skirt is another old favourite.  After an unfortunate grease accident, it has become a work skirt.

It has been a while since I posted a hairstyle picture, so here is one.  I have been wearing my hair like this almost every day, usually with a head covering, but not yesterday since I wore a hat.  This simple french braid takes me about two minutes, and it stays in all day.  Sometimes I tuck the end over the braid, or under it.

That’s all for now, friends!

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