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I know, I know. It has been way too long since my last weekly outfits post. But I am back now and have several week’s worth of outfits to share.  I didn’t take photos everyday or else I would have posted more regularly!

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Okay, on to the outfits.  Some of these were from September, as well as last month and this month, so I don’t remember details about what I was doing on those days.  The first outfit features one of my favourite chunky sweaters that my om thrifted me last Christmas.  I heart it, and wear it several times a week.  I am also wearing the polka dot maxi skirt featured in this post.

Leggings, tunic, and short sleeved cardigan.  A simple outfit for what I assume was a day at home, full of chores.

Polka dot maxi skirt again!  It is such a soft cotton, and has the sweetest little white polka dots :)

We had snaps of cooler weather during the last few months, and I believe this was the first time I wore one of my winter wool maxi skirts.I have hda it for years and it is a staple in my closet.

I made this dress earlier in the fall and have mixed feelings about it.  I like the length, the pockets, and the overall style, but the collar is vexing me.  I may take it off and do a regular collar instead.

On a fall shopping trip to the fabric store (helloooo birthday money!) I picked up some remnants of a knit sweater fabric.  This skirt is made from one that is a darker green, and lined with fleece.  It is so cozy!

This pink plaid top is another one of my creations.  I wore it with a slim fitting denim maxi skirt that I thrifted a little while ago.  I am considering sewing up the slit in the skirt, wince it is kind of annoying (it goes from ankle to almost knee, and it is in the front).

Here is another top I sewed myself, and I am wearing it with my homemade wool maxi from the start of the 2017.  I have really enjoyed getting more creative and adventurous with my sewing this year.

I knit myself a scarf/wrap/cowl thingy, and bunched it up like a cowl on this day. I also wore the light grey, sweater knit, short sleeved sweater I sewed last month.

I like this sweater, but it doesn’t fit quite as well as it used to.  Neither does this maxi skirt, so it is my “getting dirty” denim skirt.

This top is made from scraps of two different projects.  The body is from the leggings I made and the sleeves are from the same fabric as the pleated top earlier in this post. It is meant to be a looser, casual sweater, but I wore it with a belt for church.

Why am I showing you my feet? Because the lower part of my outfit was 100% made by me:) That skirt is my wool maxi from the start of the year, the leggings were made this fall, and I recently knit and felted a pair of slippers!

I topped the outfit with my pink plaid top and a second hand cardigan.

Those are all the outfits I am sharing this time around.  I hope you enjoyed them:)

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4 comments on “weekly outfits (67)

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for sharing these. As you dress similarly to me, it is always fun to see what ideas you’ve come up with. I also appreciate very much that they are real outfits for real people, unlike magazine spreads. The outfits also seem like a validation to my style of dressing, since I am the only one I know who consistently wears skirts. I really like the top you made with the tucks/pleats around the neckline – do you know what the pattern is for that (company? number?)? Very cute.

      • Thanks! I look forward to trying it. I may have to wait a while, though, as my husband and I have agreed that I have too many clothes! A separate bedroom has been made into my walk-in closet. I can say that I have spent very little on them – they are mostly either sewn by myself, or from thrift-shops. But somehow I have to break this habit of collecting/making clothes – it will be a struggle.

  2. I don’t know which I like best! I really appreciate all the outfit photos you post, because they are good inspiration for real life. I definitely like that new top you made, the cranberry colored one with – are they called pintucks? And similarly colored, the sweater that you dressed up with a narrow belt. And I fully appreciate the foot picture, because more and more I am also wearing garments I have made myself!

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