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Here are the outfits I wore at the end of November and into December.  Winter has really set in, even though we have not had much snow.  It has been cold and windy, so I have been wearing the same few skirts, which are made of heavier fabrics.

This is a  church outfit from a few weeks ago. The patterned top is my latest addition to my handmade fall/winter wardrobe.  It is a long sleeved, crew neck top that I made from a self drafted pattern. The fabric is a dark forest green with a large floral design in shaded os gold, black, and white.  I paired it with thrifted pieces for a bit of subtle pattern mixing.

I have been so cold, all the time, so I stuck to heavier fabrics with this outfit!  I am wearing a vintage wool maxi skirt a friend gave me, a sweater I made, and then a thrifted cardigan over that.

Since I am back to homemaking full time, my outfits are not all that impressive, and need to be comfy as well as functional. Here is a perfect example of a casual outfit for house cleaning.

Last weekend we hosted the church youth group Christmas party, and I encouraged the teens (and leaders!) to wear their Christmas finest.  I sewed myself a vest featuring kitties in scarves and Santa hats, and I love it!  I modified an actual vest pattern to fit my size and style preference (the pattern came in a range of sizes and had six different styles to choose from.  Since I was planning to make David a vest, too, I bought a pattern that was the closest to his size and just made mine smaller).  We heat only with our wood stoves, and are used to a slightly cooler house temp, but we made sure it was warmer for our guests.  I figured I’d be too hot in a maxi skirt, so I picked a cotton midi skirt instead.

Lately I have been doing a lot of knitting, sewing, and baking, as well as my usual house stuff, so i like my outfits to be comfy.  I went with old faves on top and the “sweats” style skirt on the bottom.  I made this a-line maxi from a lovely knit fabric that is lined with fleece!  Seriously, it is like wearing track pants all day!  I even sewed a drawstring style waist band.

For youth group I wore my grey wool maxi (thrifted a few years ago) and two tops I sewed.  At first I wasn’t sure the colours went together, but I wanted to wear them, so I did.  In case you are curious, I am wearing the plaid shirt and purple cardigan from this post.


That’s all for this week!


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4 comments on “weekly outfits (68)

  1. I love your cardigan in the first photo. Your outfits are all so pretty. I wish it was cold enough there to wear long sleeves! :)


  2. Oh wow I love every single outfit! In the top photo, I really like how you paired a floral with a stripe, and the beautiful sweater over it! And your kitty vest is very sweet. The wool-maxi-with-thrifted-sweater is the type of thing I wear all the time; also the denim w/ grey-blue top w/ mini bows, as well as the very bottom photo – those are the things I most often wear at this time of year!

  3. I love your real outfits and the fact you are making so many of them now. It is refreshing to see warm layers and winter fabrics. I love refitting thrift store finds and am working towards making some of my own pieces. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Ooh yay I’m so glad you love the wool skirt! Something about it screamed “winter in Canada” to me : ) Glad it fits, too!

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