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I’m back with some outfit photos!  On my Instagram page I talked about how I sometimes feel like I get into a fashion rut in the winter, since I tend to wear the same few pieces.  But here in Canada it is COLD and windy and snowy, and I don’t have many long heavy skirts.

I tend to dress bulky at home because I need layers to stay warm.  But often those layers look sloppy or unfeminine, so I am trying to make an effort to dress better.  I wore a snug long sleeved top under this graphic long sleeved top for extra warmth, then topped it with a cozy cardigan I received for Christmas.  I am also wearing my newest creation: a denim maxi skirt!

Once again, I am all about being cozy and warm!  To stay warm, it is best to wear a snug garment against the skin and then do looser on top.  This is a trick for outdoor activities, as well as a fashion tip, since wearing tighter layers first will create a more streamlined look overall.  I am also wearing my fleece lined maxi skirt, which is as comfy as PJS!

On Saturday we went to my in law’s for an early birthday dinner (David turned 30 on February 6). I am wearing a new top I made as well as my denim maxi skirt.  I love how this top turned out, since I wasn’t quite sure how it would look.

On Sunday it wasn’t as cold as it has been soI decided to try wearing a shorter skirt. This used to be a dress, which I really liked, but when I tried it on this past fall it was too snug on top.  Rather than try to expand it, I just cut it off at the waist.  The dress had the waist very high, but I am wearing it at my natural waist.  I decided to pair it with pieces I loved, even though it comes across as bordering on frumpy!

I usually alternate between three cardigans since they are warm and fit well. This outfit is an exact copy of one I wore at the start of 2017.  I have worn this skirt so much that the seams are starting to come undone!  I obviously did not finish it properly but it was my first time sewing a garment like this.

White cardigan…check!  Fleece lined skirt…check!

It was especially cold on this day, so I bundled in all the layers!  You may notice how they don’t look too bulky, and that is because I am wearing a snug layer under the cardigan.

It is hard to see in this photo, but I am wearing my newly finished purple wool skirt (you can see a better picture here).  I have a few good maxi skirts that I save for Sundays but I am trying to get into the habit of wearing them more often.  The fabric is so nice and heavy, but it drapes well.  It is also not itchy so I didn’t need to make a liner, although I do wear a slip anyways.

That’s all for this week! Stay warm, friends.

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  1. I love all your outfits, especially the jean skirt and orange turtle neck sleeved shirt you made! And thank you for that hint about staying warm. I didn’t even know that. :) It doesn’t get colder than 40 usually here, but that still feels cold to us. :)


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