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Here are some of the outfits I’ve worn over the past week.  While I’d love to take some nicer, outdoor photos I honestly can’t be bothered with setting up my tripod in the snow and standing IN THE SNOW without a coat on.  And since David is back in school I can’t rely on him to be my picture-taker.  Oh well, you can still see the outfits I wore!

This first outfit is what I wore last weekend for David’s grandma’s birthday party. I was unsure if this dress (I received as a gift) would work as a casual piece, but I think it turned out well.  The fabric is similar to that of a sweatshirt, so when I paired it with simple accessories and boots it managed to seem more laid back.  On a side note, I have become obsessed with braiding my hair!  This braid is a small fishtail style to keep my bangs off my face.

modest winter outfit

The second outfit is pretty basic and was great for being at home.   I wore my second most practical winter skirt (the first is featured in the photo below), a sweater my brother got me for Christmas, a vest I have constant mixed feelings about, and a scarf I made.

modest winter outfit

I wore this outfit to youth group but I ended up ditching the belt and keeping my cardigan open instead.  The skirt I’m wearing is by Deborah and Co and it is AWESOME! Seriously, I’m on the denim maxi skirt band wagon now!  I avoided them because they seemed too “homeschool mom” to me, which is something I can say since I was homeschooled.  However, when worn with the right top and shoes, denim maxis can look quite stylish!

modest winter outfit

While I like wearing my denim maxi as often as I can, I sometimes feel like doing so would make it seem like I don’t own any other skirts.  But then I think of people who wear jeans every day, and they very well could just own one pair of jeans!  Maybe my concern is due to being a skirt wearer and often receiving more comments on my outfits than when I wore pants.  Skirts seem to stand out in small towns and even at church!


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  1. LOVE the black and white heathered dress you are wearing in the first photo ! I am ALWAYS on the look out for a similiar dress like that ….. One that is not to tight across the backside . Do you have the name off the tag so that I can search amazon or ebay for it ? Thanks !
    Thank you for sharing this on Wearing with Wisdom ! Always enjoy your adorable outfit inspiration that you link up at the party there :)
    Leticia from KingMakerBlog.com

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