what I bought and what I’m donating (part 2)

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the new clothing I picked up while shopping with my mom?  Today I’m sharing my latest finds from my second shopping trip in a month…which is totally out of character for me!  I shop only a few times a year, but this most recent trip was made because the local thrift store chain was having a 50% off everything sale today.  I was able to find some great items and spent around $40 for it all.

So, here’s what I got!

First up is a white bed sheet with orange polka dots, that I’m planning to cut apart and use for some sewing projects.  The sheet is a nice and thick cotton, and I’m excited to share what I make!

what I bought

Here’s another bed sheet; this one is white with a subtle floral pattern.  Again, I bought this to use for sewing.  Buying sheets is so much cheaper than buying fabric!

what I bought

A few years ago I had to get rid of my favourite orange/coral top because it was too tight.  I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since, and I think I found it.  The top is simple, wth button detailing along the top.  I know this will work well with a variety of skirts, such as camera print, denim, white cotton, and more.

what I bought

I’ve been getting more into wearing tee shirts in both casual and slightly more dressy outfits, so when I shop I try to find some solid colours that have a bit of visual interest.  This pale pink tee has lace detail along the back and goes PERFECTLY with a skirt I’m planning to make.

what I bought

This is not clothing, but I bought it so I’m including it in today’s post.  A few years ago, David and I played this game with his younger cousins and I LOVED it.  I was pleased to find this complete game (minus one playing piece) WITH the DVD! Now, David likely won’t play it with me, but I know some friends who will:)

what I bought

A few months ago I broke the zipper on my go-to summer purse.  Since the purse is mustard yellow, finding an exact zipper match is highly unlikely, so I decided to start looking for replacement purse. I wanted something that is large enough for my DSLR camera as well as my usual purse items, since I have some trips planned this summer.

what I bought

I found some great printed scarves that will get a lot of use over the next few months.  I can even picture wearing them again next winter!  This first scarf features three different animal prints, so I couldn’t resist it!

what I bought

How have I lived this long without a leopard print scarf?!?!  I have a feeling my mom will try to “borrow” this from me.

what I bought

The third scarf I picked up is a nice floral print.  I think it would look great with either of the new tops I got, and a denim skirt.

what I bought

Speaking of denim…I finally found a denim jacket!  I used to have one in college, but the fit was not flattering on my body type.  It was cropped and boxy and just sort of hung on me.  I tried styling it different ways but I never felt comfortable in it.  After years of swearing off denim jackets for good, I recently decided to begin the search for one.  It wasn’t easy, but I found this light coloured jacket!  Ideally, it would be a bit darker but I’m kind of nervous to dye it.

what I bought

The last item I found was this olive green cardigan.  I imagine wearing this with a white top, denim skirt and one of my new scarves.

what I bought

I went though my closet again, as I moved the winter sweaters from the top dresser drawer to the bottom, and found some clothes to give away.  I’m not sharing pictures, but I’ll still tell you what they are: a pair of dark red, sheer tights; a purple checkered long sleeved top; a brown and white summer skirt. The tights are too thin for my liking, the top is one I hardly wear anymore, and the skirt is too tight.  I also have several more items hanging up in my closet that I’m contemplating donating.

In addition to the clothes, I’m donating some wool, DVDs, kitchen items, and books. Even though I purged most of my home for the 3000 thing challenge at the start of the year, I am still able to find more items we don’t need.

How often do you shop for clothes?

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4 comments on “what I bought and what I’m donating (part 2)

  1. All of those items are ADORABLE! I have also been gravitating to tee shirts for my outfits. Especially ones with a visual interest such as lace, or nicer fabrics. :)


  2. Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do! I always find accent chairs and refinish them. A few weeks ago I found a walnut dining room armchair in near perfect condition for $2.99! It now resides in my living room. When I taking my children thrifting with me I tell them we are “finding treasures” because that is exactly what we are doing! I love the handbag that you found. So versatile. Great denim jacket, too!

    • I’d love to attempt refinishing, but I lack the time and space! Finding a great thrifted deal is always exciting, and it totally is a treasure hunt!

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