what I bought and what I’m donating

On the weekend my mom took me out for some birthday shopping, and today I’m sharing what I got.  Instead of continually adding more stuff to my closet, I aim to donate just as many items as I purchase.  A few weeks ago I donated a black garbage full of clothes, so I unfortunately don’t have any pictures to show what exactly was donated and why.  But I can still talk about my new things and why I donated :)

First up is this orange, open front cardigan from Old Navy.  I have been looking for a cardigan in this colour because it can liven up so many basic outfits this season.  And it is light enough to layer and even be worn in warmer months.


Also from O.N. is this white printed “dress”.  It is labelled as a dress but it’s too short for me to be comfortable in, so I plan to wear it over leggings, jeans, or even a pencil skirt.  Normally I try not to buy clothes with a three quarter sleeve since I find it annoying, but this piece was too cute to pass on.


We also hit the thrift store where i found two maxi skirts.  The striped one is so soft and snuggly, it will feel like wearing pjs all day.  I’ve been looking for casual skirts to wear in the fall and winter, so this was a great find.  The red skirt is interesting because of the two textured panels at the bottom.  I see myself wearing it casually with a printed tee and cardigan, but also in a dressier way.


I also found this short sleeved, open front cardigan, which is originally from one of my favourite stores. It’s nice and long which means i may even be able to wear it over jeans since it will cover my rear end. Additionally, I plan to wear it over dresses, with my denim skirts, and more!


At the start of each season I go through my clothes and see what no longer fits, what is not liked, is damaged, etc.  I used to have so many clothes they wouldn’t all fit in my closet, which is MASSIVE, but my goal was to fit everything in, instead of having to store out of season clothes in the attic.  Even though I did a big purge a few years ago, I still go through them all every few months.  I always find at least one item of clothing to donate!

This time around I parted with some skirts, dresses, tops and accessories I wasn’t wearing for various reasons.  Some things didn’t fit quite as they should, other were things I no longer liked, and others didn’t fit my lifestyle anymore.  I’m currently splitting my donations between an organization that provides assistance to the hundreds of Syrian refugees that have recently come to the area, and another thrift store that supports the local humane society.

I encourage you to consider donating your unneeded clothes to a worthy cause!

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5 comments on “what I bought and what I’m donating

  1. Happy belated Birthday!! I really like that old navy “dress.” 3/4 is actually my favorite sleeve length, so I can’t sympathize with the annoyance. ;) That’s so cool that you have a thrift store that benefits the refugees in your area! That’s a great cause.

    • Thanks Hannah! I’m always cold so I find three quarter sleeves just make it so much worse. YES, the thrift store is awesome for that reason!

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