what I do before my husband gets home

By the time you read this post, I’ll be in Paris, France with my mom!  I’ve scheduled content to be automatically published during my trip but may not respond to comments right away.

Currently, David is on a summer break from school which means we are able to spend a lot more time together.  We can sleep in if we want, eat whenever we are hungry, do whatever we want, etc…Even if he has to do some school work for his online courses, it’s still nice to have him around.

But come September he will be back on campus full time, which means my days will once again be spent alone.  I don’t mind, really, because it gives me a chance to work away at things at my own pace. My days are very full with my house work, yard chores, meal prep, and “me time”. But when if I were to ask David what he thinks I do all day, he’d likely say “Read”, which is what I’d LIKE to be doing!

But in all seriousness, homemakers do A LOT of work throughout the day and our families may not even be aware of how much we actually do.  I’ve already touched on why I believe homemaking is important, but I’ll say this again: being keepers of our home is a way of showing our husbands we respect them and what they do for our family.  I know being a student is not what David wants to be doing right now, but he is getting his degree so he can find a better job and become an even better provider.  I want him to know I appreciate everything he does, so I make sure to do the following things before he comes home at the end of the day.

what I do before my husband gets home

tidy up the living areas

This is the first place anyone David sees when he comes home, so I make sure any clutter is put away, the floors are swept, any cat hair is removed from the furniture (Vinnie thinks everything is her personal napping space), etc.  Whatever area your husband sees upon entry into the home, be sure to pay extra care to it and ensure it’s presentable.

have dinner ready to go

We always ate at 5:30 when David had a full time job, but since his class schedule has him home at different times throughout the week, we have had to eat later sometimes. I make sure to have the meal ready for whatever time he is coming home, so that he doesn’t have to wait for it.  Sometimes I make dinner ahead of time so that it just needs to be heated up for him, and other days it’s coming out of the oven as he is getting home.  Either way, having dinner ready to eat is something David appreciates.

make an effort to look presentable

Now, I’m not one of those ladies who wears makeup everyday regardless of where I go, but I do try to look like I put some effort into my appearance!  Usually, David leaves for school around 7 or 8 AM so I’m still in my PJs and have yet to shower.  I’ve already talked at length about the importance of dressing well at home, but I’ll summarize it again by saying dressing in something other than yoga pants, and at least brushing our hair is a nice way to welcome our husband home at the end of the day.  For me, this means wearing a skirt not used for chores, a nice-ish top and pinning my hair out of my eyes.

do a quick clean up of the whole house

Our house is only 1100 square feet so there isn’t much to clean, but I aim to go through the whole house daily.  It’s as simple as wiping down all the counters, rinsing out the sink, hanging the shower towels on the back of the door instead of over the curtain, running a microfiber cloth over the dressers, making the bed, and putting any dishes away.  It takes me maybe 20 minutes but makes the house seem so more more welcoming.

All these tasks take very little time over the course of the 8+ hours I’m home by myself, which means I’m still able to do my own thing…like reading, blogging, sewing, etc. It’s a simple and quick way to make sure my husband looks forward to coming home each day!


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