what I wore for taking outdoor photos

Being a part time wedding and family photographer means I need to dress a certain way when meeting and working with clients.  When I’m meeting a couple to discuss wedding packages I dress up a little because I see that meeting as a job interview, where the couple is the employer.  I tend to wear a dress and heels, or maybe dress pants and a blouse because that makes me feel professional. My outfit for shooting the actual wedding is usually dress pants, flats and s blouse or sweater with a high neckline so I’m not revealing anything  when I’m bending down, which I do a lot of.

Family photos, however, are a lot different than weddings.  They are slower paced, less stressful for everyone involved and require a lot more movement from me if kids are involved.   Some of the best family photos are actually candid, instead of posed so that means I have to be ready to dive onto the ground for a good shot if need be.  My outfit for sessions like that are comfortable, easy to move in yet still professional (meaning I don’t wear sweat pants and a ripped shirt!).  Here is an example of what I wore on the weekend for some family sessions.

Scarf: self made
Sweater: made by my mother in law
Pants: Rw&Co
Boots: Soft Mocc

Flower ring: Pandora
Wedding rings: local jeweler

Why I chose these clothes:  I usually wear jeans and boots for outdoor photos because the jeans are durable for kneeling on the cold, wet ground.  Boots are both comfortable and warm, so they are the ideal footwear.  Sometimes I have to walk across mud or tall grass and I don’t need stuff getting in my shoes, so knee high boots help keep my feet clean and dry.  I wore a thick sweater because it is warm and I love it :)  I wore a scarf for the same reasons!  The picture of my rings shows the one David got me for my birthday last month, which I love so  I’ve been wearing it a lot lately.

These are the first photos David has helped me take for my blog (not counting these) and it was fun being on the other side of the camera.

Are you guys interested in seeing more casual outfit posts?  I tend to feature more work appropriate clothes because that’s how I enjoy dressing but I want to know what you all think!  Let me know in the comments below:)

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