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Anyone who knows me in real life can verify that I LOVE READING.  Ever since I could read on my own, I’ve been hooked.  My idea of “playing outside” as a child was to sit in the yard with a book.

As I got older I found it hard to find time to read, but I have recently been making a point to make time for books.  I joined Goodreads.com to help me keep track of the books I’ve been reading, and am utilizing both the public library and my church library.

Every few weeks I stop by one of the libraries and browse the books I have previously passed over, just to see if anything jumps out at me for some reason.  I went through a cozy mystery phase a few months ago, and have recently been reading a lot of Christian romance, specifically the Love Inspired series!  I’m also a fan of historical Christian fiction.

After a trip to the public library (did I mention I have worked there in some capacity for three years?) I came home with some exciting books!


I picked up a biography that is about the man who got Tim Horton’s (the coffee shop) up and running.  Normally I don’t read biographies or non fiction, but this book was on display at the library and it caught my eye.  I honestly don’t know much about the origins of the coffee shop other then who started it, so this should be an interesting read.


Next is a newish series about two sisters in the South who solve mysteries that sort of fall into their laps.  The sisters are secondary characters in a book from another series, Cat in the Stacks, by the same author, so I was curious to read about them again.  This book is the second in the series (I read the first while in France last month), and I recommend it based on the first one!


These next two books are part of the Magical Cats series.  Oh goodness…that makes me sound like quite the cat lady!  After I started reading this series, David would always refer to every book I read as the magical cats books. He liked to tease me because I got so into them!  But they are really good.  The main character is a librarian who has two rescue cats that seem to have magical powers like teleporting and becoming invisible and they “help” her solve mysteries in her small town.  I like this series because it’s easy to read, the mysteries are good, and the romance between the librarian and the handsome detective is very pure and wholesome.


Next up is a few Love Inspired romances, from the Texas Twins mini series.  I first discovered the Love Inspired line of books when I started working at the library, and have been hooked since.  They are wholesome romance stories with Christian themes and characters, and are quite enjoyable to read.  I’ve read dozens of them (before I got my Goodreads account!), and they are all fairly different, but there are a lot of mini series, such as this one.  I like the series because each book is it’s own story but it references other characters and events that eventually become their own book.


So that’s what I’m reading this week!  What are you reading?

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4 comments on “what I’m reading lately

  1. Thanks for sharing all your recent reads. Sounds like we enjoy the same type of books. I will check out the Magical Cats series. They look very good!

  2. Thanks for the info. The “Love Inspired” books have peaked my interest.
    I am reading the “Elsie Dinsmore” books,since I never read them as a child. I enjoy reading some of the children’s books for a change of pace. I recently finished”Killing Reagan” .

    • I recently finished reading The Secret Garden for the first time, and I agree it’s nice to read something geared for a younger audience. I hope you will check out the Love Inspired series!

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