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On NYE David and I went to see The Hobbit-part 2.  About halfway through the movie my throat got really tickley and itchy, almost like when my allergies are acting up.  On the drive home my nose got stuffy and I felt really tired, but only got worse from there.  I still had to finish an assignment for school  but my sinuses got very sore and I felt like I was getting sick.  I felt worse the next day and eventually went to the ER (sounds dramatic, I know…but last year David had the flu-the real influenza virus- and I was experiencing the same symptoms).  The ER doctor wouldn’t give me a prescription but said to take Advil cold and sinus, which actually made me feel worse. My nose had been really funny but also stuffy and the pills hardened the mucous which meant I couldn’t actually breathe through my nose.  I’ve spent the last 5 days in bed, trying to sleep.  I literally only got up to pee, have super hot showers for decongestant purposes and to eat.  Thankfully David had taken this week off work so he was able to make my meals and remind me to drink water and Gatorade.  Unfortunately, my being sick meant we couldn’t spend any time together.
Last night was the worst for pain.  My sinuses are very small so when they get swollen and stuffy I experience a lot of pain.  My whole face throbbed and I even got a migraine yesterday evening.  I slept for a few hours before waking up around 1 AM.  I eventually had a hot shower hoping to loosen the sinus pressure and it did work, but my shower was cut short when I tried to get some water out of my ear.  I tipped my head to the side and got an intense shooting pain in my ear that felt like I punctured my ear drum.  Then my hands and arms went numb and my vision blurred.  I was able to get back to bed without fainting but my breathing was very laboured.  I was super freaked out by what was happening but it went away after about 10 minutes.
Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling a lot better.  David left early to get firewood and I managed to eat and shower before having to rest on the couch for a few hours.  I’ve made good progress today and have even done some laundry.  I’m still fairly tired and my body feels weak.  My sinus congestion comes and goes, which is kind of annoying.

My apologies for not posting anything since NYE…but now you know why!  I’ve got exciting things planned for 2014: new recipes, DIYs and hopefully a video home tour!

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