what to do with left-over wedding stuff?

At our wedding we had romantic/lovey quotes printed on cardstock and framed for each table.  We also had them at the gift and sign in tables.  I didn’t want to be wasteful or try to scavenger a few bucks for each frame by selling them online, so I repurposed them in our home. 

Here is what they looked like at the wedding (pictures by our ah-maaazing photographer Jenn Austin-Driver)

shot by Jenn Austin-Driver Photography

shot by Jenn Austin-Driver Photography

 And this is what the frames look like in our house.

We also used mason jars to hold some sunflowers at each table.  There are a million uses for mason jars (Google it…) but I didn’t find any that were practical for me.  I could have used them for canning or jam or whatever but I’m not going to fill all the jars. 
David discovered that they are the perfect size to hold a full can of Coke with the perfect amount of whiskey.  So now he uses them for drinks and will be storing them at the bar in the man cave for when his friends come over.  Yaaaay repurposing!

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