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Greetings from Norway Bay!  I’m currently on vacation at David’s family cottage in Quebec so I’ve scheduled some posts to be published automatically.  There is no internet, cable TV and very poor cell phone reception at the cottage so we will be spending all our time at the beach :)  Once I get back home I’ll post some pictures from the cottage, but for now, please enjoy these from 2009.

photo by David…me rocking a ponytail and glasses seems like such a distant memory!

awww, we’re so young!  I was almost 19 and David was 21.

taken by David’s sister, Kaitlyn

When these pictures were taken David and I had been dating for about 8 months.  One day at the cottage I had point blank said “Do you plan on marrying me someday?” and David said yes.  I knew I wanted to marry him in the future but hearing him say that he wanted that too made things so much better!

We haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together this summer due to both of us working, and most of my shifts being in the evening and on weekends.  This cottage vacation will be a nice way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer together, with no distractions.

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