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Last week I wrote about being mindful of our media intake since there is so much out there that is ungodly and corruptive.  Today I wanted to share my top picks for good, clean, music, movies, tv shows, and books.


  • I have recently been enjoying the music of Kari Jobe, who has a sweet and soft voice with lyrics that are all about God.  I’d consider her a modern voice of worship music.
  • Rend Collective is a fun band with lots of dancing music, as well as slower worship songs.  They have catchy lyrics that you can feel good about getting stuck in your head!
  • I have shared a song by For King and Country on the blog before and am still a fan of theirs.  Their music is sort of pop sounding but with uplifting and God-honouring lyrics.
  • I grew up listening to Hawk Nelson, and even though they have a different lead singer, their music is still nice to listen to.  It has catchy pop tunes but again, the lyrics are encouraging and bring the listener closer to God.
  • High Valley is not technically a Christian band (you won’t find their music on Christian radio) but I am 100% confident recommending them as a good country music alternative to most of what is out there.  High Valley’s lyrics are about simpler times, having wholesome fun, family values, spending time with loved ones, all without the usual raunchiness of country music.


  • Love Comes Softly series, based on the Janette Oke books, followers recently widowed Martha (Marty) as she agrees to a marriage of convince to a recently widowed young father. The pioneer-era drama/romance is very wholesome in terms of behaviour, clothing, and language.  This is the kind of movie you could watch with young girls and not have to worry about what they see.
  • God’s Not Deadboth 1 and 2, are very interesting and challenging movies.  They each focus on someone who has to defend their Christian beliefs to a non-believing audience. I’d recommend them for an older audience because the questions posed are quite through provoking so younger children might not be as interested.
  • Grace Unplugged is about a young woman who gets her big break in the music industry.  Having grown up the daughter of an ex-rocker turned devout worship leader, Grace feels like she can handle the pressures of the music world and not lose herself.  But her faith is tested as she is presented with all sorts of temptations.  This movie does contain underage drinking and some suggestive language, so I’d say it is not appropriate for very young kids, but would be suitable for preteens.
  • Risen is about a Roman soldier who is sent to investigate the claim that Jesus rose from the dead.  The government is convinced the disciples are hiding the body and lying about the resurrection so this soldier must try to catch them.  This is a great movie, even though there is some violence, because it shows the story of Christ through the eyes of someone who does not believe.

TV Shows

Admittedly, I do not have a lot of options here…we don’t watch TV so I am not even sure what is available!  Well, we do watch TV but it is through Netflix, so they are not always current.

  • Cooking shows are generally wholesome and safe for viewers of all ages.  They are also a productive way to spend some downtime, since you may be able to find new meals ideas through them.
  • Home reno/decor shows are also pretty safe.  I used to love watching Love it or List it but I hear anything with Chip and Joanna Gaines is a good option, since they are Christians.
  • If you can find episodes of Duck Dynasty and you enjoy funny programs, I bet you will like this one!  The humour is goofy, and the situations are wholesome.  Best of all, the Robertson family are true Christians!
  • When Calls the Heart is a show I am torn about. It is based on a series of books called “Canadian West” by Janette Oke, so I had high hopes for it. Without giving the story away, season one was very wholesome in terms of behaviour and clothing.  It had interesting characters and God was mentioned often.  Season two went downhill and the clothing became MUCH more revealing!  Honestly, I had a hard time watching it because of that, and have not seen past season two.  That being said, it is still more wholesome than many other shows on TV.


  • Beverly Lewis is my all time favourite author!  She writes Amish fiction with great detail and accuracy, and each story is unique.  I have read many other Amish works, but Mrs. Lewis is far superior.
  • Janette Oke is a Canadian author of historical fiction.  Her books are rich with detail and really draw the reader in.  I loved reading the Canadian West series and am currently working through Love Comes softly series.
  • The Love Inspired books are written by many authors covering a variety of plots, but for the most part they are quite wholesome romance stories.  There are a lot of series, some of which are based in big cities, others are small towns, some are Amish-centered, and others take place in cowboy country.  All the books focus on the characters needing to trust in God and his plan for their lives.
  • Miranda James writes the Cat in the Stacks books, which are about a mild mannered male librarian and his cat who somehow stumble across various crimes and find a way to help solve them.  These books are in the “cozy mystery” genre and are quite enjoyable.  They are not really a murder mystery, although the crimes are murders; the book focuses on finding different clues and suspects so it is quite entertaining.
  • Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman co-authored a series called The Four Seasons of Marriage, which I quite enjoyed.  The four stories take place in a small town and each book focuses on a different couple in various seasons of marriage.  Gary Chapman is the author of a non fiction book by the same name, and even though I had not read it, I was still able to follow along with each story because each season is briefly summarized in the  fiction book.
  • L.M. Montgomery is a classic author, and her Anne of Green Gables series is so great!  Somehow I missed out on reading it as a child but have begun reading it as an adult. The books are wholesome entertainment, so I highly recommend reading them if you have not already.

What do you think of this list?  Is there anything else you’d add?

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5 comments on “wholesome media options

  1. Being a bookworm, I could write book recs for Hours, but I’ll just stick to one :)
    Doreen Tovey’s “Cats in the Belfry” and sequels are an almost painfully funny series of books about Doreen & husband’s life with their series of Siamese cats in an English village. They’re not ‘Christian’ as such, just wholesome and amusing for both adults and children. My mother read them out loud to the whole family when we were children, and we all laughed ’til we cried :)

  2. I love Anne of Green Gables!! I read the first book when I was younger, but just recently read the whole series. I also enjoy Janette Oke and am currently reading her Return to the Canadian West series.

  3. Keeper of the Ring series by Angela Elwell Hunt. It’s rather historically accurate, and Christian. It’s VERY good! I have read them over and over so many times!!! I think you’d enjoy them!

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