why (and how) you should dress well at home

Show of hands…how many ladies out there find yoga pants or pajamas comfy?  I’m guessing everyone does!  Now, by show of hands a second time: how many of you wear these almost daily and use the excuse “I’m just staying home, why bother getting dressed”?  I’m guessing a lot of you can relate, and I used to think that way too.

Being a homemaker I spend almost all my time at home so it’s easy for me to just wear ratty (but comfy) clothes all day.  But I no longer do that!  Why?  Because I believe putting a bit of effort into getting dressed each day leads to productivity.  And looking put together is a nice way of welcoming my husband home each day.  Think about that for a second: wives, if your husbands are at work or school all day they are likely encountering women who are dressed nicely.  Then he comes home and sees you in baggy jammies and an old tee shirt…I’m not implying his mind will wander back to some of the other well dressed ladies he saw earlier, but it could!  If your husband is around men all day then there is even more of a reason to put some effort into dressing the womanly body God gave you!

If you are not married, there’s still a good reason to get dressed properly each day.  Wearing jammies will likely keep your mind in the sleep frame of mind, and when we sleep we do nothing (well, not nothing but we are not getting around and being productive). Taking a few minutes to get dressed and maybe put on make up starts the day productively which will likely get you in the frame of mind to spend the rest of your time doing useful things.

Why and how You Should Dress Well at Home

I get that sometimes making an effort to put on real clothes seems pointless or like too much work but I promise it is worth it!

Here is how I used to dress at home: pilly sweater, yoga pants and slippers.


Then I realized I could actually get stuff accomplished by putting on real pants and presentable top…case in point, dressing better made me want to spend more time in the kitchen (this was taken Spring 2013 and I’m wearing jeans, a tee shirt and a cardigan)!


I no longer find pants comfy so here are some examples of my home outfits now. These are all outfits I wear when I know I’m not going anywhere or having company.  But they can all be modified with an accessory to make them more appropriate.


This is an outfit I wore out but before we left home I had been wearing it all day minus the earrings.

I like having my neck warm in winter, even at home so I often wear scarves inside. I think this outfit looks ready to go out just as is!

I like having my neck warm in winter, even at home so I often wear scarves inside. I think this outfit looks ready to go out just as is!



And since it looks like summer weather is going to be lingering for a while longer, here are some weather appropriate ideas!

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See? Getting dressed and looking presentable isn’t that hard! All these outfits allowed me to move freely around the house for various tasks like cooking, cleaning the shower, weeding the gardens, bringing firewood in, etc.  And if I needed to go out, all I had to do was quickly apply eye liner, put in some earrings and I’m good to go!

How do you usually dress at home? Do you think putting on “real clothes” can really make someone feel more productive?

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10 comments on “why (and how) you should dress well at home

  1. SUCH EXCELLENT POINTS !!! When I am around the house I do wear basic everyday stuff but when my husband is about to come home I throw on pretty clothes and spruce myself up a bit . It’s so true what you said about a husbands work environment !!! I have thought about a Post on this for quite awhile . You expressed it in such a cute and true way.Thank you for linking this up to Wearing with Wisdom.

  2. Agreed fullheartedly; if I have a lot of things I want to do in a day, I make sure I wear one of my favorite skirts! It makes me feel pretty, like I’m putting God and the responsibilities/blessings He’s given me first, and I know my husband’s face will light up when he gets home from work. On the other hand, if I opt for my sweatpants, I can barely move off the couch! I mostly just roll around on the floor those days, which obviously doesn’t get anything done… :)

    P.s. I just found your blog today. I looove the stuff you post, and you are so adorable! I wish I had found your site sooner so I could join in on No Pants November, ah well! I am still so inspired to wear my skirts more often. It’s something I’ve been working on for quite some time, so this might just be the push I need! Thank you!

    • Great point about your husband seeing you when he comes home! I like when my husband tells me I look nice:)

      I’m so glad you found my blog (may I ask how you came across it?)! I will likely be doing another challenge similar to NPN, so you can join in on that:)

  3. Another great post! I find I can do all my homemakery stuff in a skirt or dress no problem, as I wear mostly calf length full denim skirts and cotton tops/tunics. Recently found your blog while searching for skirts-only fashion ideas. Loving it! :) Xx

  4. So where are all the articles for man-home-ware hidden?!

    I agree that proper dress makes you feel and be more pro-ductive, -active, -fessional at home. I also find going out at a short notice (eg to thevshop) much easier as you are in the mindset.
    But then when I want to fry a stake my clothes are thoroughly smoked from top to bottom and I end up smelling equally delicious for the rest of the day!
    Any tips on not ruining my nicer home clothes with smells and stain in the house?


    • Hello AJ, whenever my husband does any BBQing, I was his clothes ASAP in hot water and then air them out to dry. Hope that helps!

      • If I maybe honest it is not practical as that means I aught to wash me clothes like 2 times a day.
        I still wander if there is a practical solution to dressing well and not ruining those clothes whilst cooking or eating or cleaning :)

        • Perhaps an apron is your best bet then? My husband has a manly one that he occasionally wears, although he does end up changing clothes throughout the day if he is doing physical labour. An apron won’t really keep sweat off the clothes, so I think lots of laundry is just a fact of life for me:)

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