why I love my husband…

I found a great post over on Happy Wives Club on keeping a list of why we love our husbands.  I personally have a mental list that I’m always adding to but how awesome is it to see the list in black and white for everyone to enjoy?! 

Obviously I love my husband or I wouldn’t have married him! 

Here are some of the reasons why…

  1. he’s supportive of my dreams and goals
  2. he always encourages me to do what I love
  3. he is always willing to help with the dishes (even though he doesn’t really like it)
  4. he always thanks me for making him dinner
  5. he will try whatever concoction I make without hesitation!
  6. he knows when something is bothering me…
  7. …and knows when to pester it our of me or leave me alone!
  8. he makes me feel loved
  9. he always remembers special occasions in our relationship
  10. he (usually) doesn’t stop me from telling a story I’ve told him several times already

Why I Love My Husband

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  1. Love seeing it in the back and white. It’s been amazing blog hopping today and seeing all these beautiful lists encouraging and building up the person you love and cherish the most. Thank you for letting us inside and to also see why you love and adore your hubby so much. Looking forward to seeing this list grow and hope you’ll link up with us again next week!

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