Why I Wear Skirts (almost) All the Time

It occurred to me recently that I have not explained to my readers why I choose to wear skirts almost exclusively.  Today’s post will give you a brief explanation to hopefully help you understand me and my blog a little better.

why skirts

It started in November 2014, when I decided to do a fun blog challenge where I wore only skirts or dresses for the month. There was no real reason for me to start this challenge, except for providing me with blog content for the month.

Previously, I had been wearing skirts pretty frequently since I found jeans uncomfortable (and could never find a pair that actually fit!).  I liked wearing skirts or dresses because they made me feel more dressed up!  But once I finished my challenge, I realized skirts and dresses are actually really comfortable and I LOVED wearing them.

I had been struggling with wearing jeans because they are so form fitting, and I didn’t want to be showing off my shape. Wearing skirts allowed me to show that I am a woman while keeping covered.

So since November 2014 I have been wearing skirts almost all the time because they are comfortable and modest (if worn properly). I know a lot of Christian women feel convicted after reading Deuteronomy 22:5 (A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God)  but I am not one of them.

why skirts2

Skirts and dresses make me feel pretty and put together, so I wear them pretty much all the time.  I can only think of a few occasions that I wear pants: doing messy projects like patching drywall or laying floor tile, and last winter when David and I went snow shoeing because I couldn’t stuff a skirt into snow pants!  I wear a skirt when I cook, clean, do yard work, go on errands, visit friends, attend church, etc.

Wearing skirts and dresses is a personal choice that I made. Nobody else made it for me (although my husband does like seeing me in skirts more than pants!) and I am certainly not trying to force anyone else to dress as I do.  I have seen many beautiful pants outfits that are equally modest but I just choose not wear them.  I’m the only one of my friends and family members who does not wear pants, and that’s okay.  I don’t judge or dislike another woman because she wears pants.

I am very happy not wearing pants and can’t imagine going back to them!  If you would like to see some of the ways I wear skirts during all the seasons, click here.  My dress based outfits can be seen by clicking here!

I hope you enjoyed learning about why I wear skirts almost all the time!

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20-something; rural dwelling; wife to David; homeowner; pretty good cook; wearer of skirts; friend to all cats.

22 comments on “Why I Wear Skirts (almost) All the Time

  1. I took a similar challenge back in ’09 through a then popular site called Feelin’ Femanine. My reasons were same as yours! I haven’t looked back since! Way to go, your outfits are great! Also, I love your tip for adding fabric to the bottom of a too-short skirt :-)

  2. I did a skirts-only experiment last July, meant to last indefinitely, to see if I would feel more confident, more feminine, more comfortable in following the Lord, responded to more positively by my husband and men in general, etc. My mom was puzzled about this, and I responded with the idea that women got along just fine for centuries, even while managing ‘inconvenient’ activities. Well! I noticed I felt confident, more aware and comfortable with my femininity, and not at all hindered in any activities. My husband compliments me, and I seem to get this chivalrous response from guys with doors held open for me and such. I am having so much fun with colorful socks (normally hidden by jean length), and experimenting with other modesty helpers like camisoles and leggings under shorter skirts. It’s nearly a year now, I don’t see myself returning to jeans, and I love the many helpful blogs and tutorials on the subject of skirt-based wardrobes. Such a little thing, and it makes me so happy to do it!

    • Thanks for the great perspective! Isn’t it amazing how a simple thing like wearing skirts can have such a positive impact? Have you attempted any unusual activities while wearing a skirt? I’ve gone snowshoeing!
      Thank you for reading and commenting:)

  3. It is great to see others who wear skirts/dresses almost all the time. I have been wearing mostly skirts for 11 years but it started out as my mom’s idea. I was young at the time so I just went along with it but as I have gotten older and have been able to make my own decisions about what I wear, I have found I feel most comfortable in either a skirt or a dress. I own one pair of jeans (that I made) and a pair of pants for exercising. Other than that my wardrobe is exclusively skirts and dresses.

  4. Lovely post! I love my skirts and dresses too and apart from being super-comfy, I love how covered I am, especially if a man is walking behind me in the supermarket or something. I love the fact that no one but my husband sees my body. :)

    • Thanks, Louise! I can appreciate that, too, especially in a culture where women (regardless of their marital status) seem to constantly be vying for male attention.

  5. Hi, I had come across your blog earlier this year when I was thinking about wearing only dresses and skirts as a Christian woman. I didn’t consider it doable at the time and put the thought aside. About a week ago, I had a lucid dream, really a vision, of me looking at a tall mirror and seeing me wearing a variety of outfits all with ankle length skirts. The message seemed pretty clear.

    The next day I went to the thrift store and bought several long skirts and some modest tops. One blouse in particular, a royal blue high neck bow blouse, seemed to come out of my dream. As soon as I put it on in the changing room and paired it with a long white skirt, a sense of peace and calm seem to come over me. I was looking at the same mirror from the dream. It was clear this is how God wanted me to look to honor Him.

    I’m only beginning on this path of wardrobe transition. Rereading your site was very inspirational. Thank you for putting this online.

  6. Loved this post, it makes me so happy to think that younger women are still following the Lord’s leading in this, despite the world’s influence. My skirts and dresses make me feel as if I have closed the bedroom curtains around my body. So liberating! :) Xx

      • It really is, I love that feeling of freedom to express my femininity while at the same time being completely covered and free to focus on enjoying an activity instead of constantly having to pull at my clothes to make sure I’m not revealing anything. I feel God’s pleasure at my decision to dress this way, not in a legalistic way, just a peace-filled, inner joy. I was a tomboy for most of my life, but a desire to start dressing femininely washed over me the more I walked with the Lord. Blogs like yours encourage me so much, as I rarely see another woman in a dress or skirt where I live. Keep posting please! :) Xx

  7. A lovely article and a beautiful Blog.

    I have been “skirts only” since I got engaged 12 or so years ago, for three reasons, modesty, wanting to express my acceptance of my God given role as a woman and obedience to my husband’s wishes.

    Oh five actually – I love them and they are way more comfortable especially though motherhood.

  8. I loved seeing the pictures with your outfits (and shorter hair?) and also how you explain why you wear skirts. I’m wearing a lot of skirts as well, mostly for the same reason as you are, though mine didn’t begin with a November challenge :) It’s so encouraging to read your post.

  9. Oh, I really enjoyed this post, Christina…

    You echoed my views exactly, in fact! I too am not one of those that feel women should only wear pants as there are some instances, as you mentioned, that skirts are rather impractical and immodest…
    But I love feeling feminine in skirts or dresses…for years now I have just felt plain uncomfortable in pants and could not find any to fit me properly either. Actually, the other day I was asked if I ever wore pants…not often! {{smiles}}…but I do sometimes when I feel like it.
    Thank you for sharing your heart on the subject…
    It is really delightful to ”meet” you!

    Hugs and love,

  10. I have just began wearing skirts more often aiming for a few days a week so far. I do feel very elegant and feminine. I’m an avid hiker & enjoy exercising, so I guess those days I won’t be wearing skirts. Great blog!

    • I hike in skirts! Usually I choose a knee length,cotton skirt in an a line cut for ease of movement. I know there are specific brands meant for physical activity though.

  11. I love wearing dresses. I find them practical for most activities. Especially dresses that don’t require adjusting every time you move. So usually I go without belts or other accessories. Well, maybe a pullover or hoodie.

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