why we chose to live without internet and TV

When David and I got married and moved into our new house we decided not to get internet or satellite TV. First it was because we didn’t want an unnecessary expense, then it was about not really needing that kind of entertainment.  We can never agree on what TV shows to watch and we had access to internet at work or on David’s Blackberry.  We finally broke down and got internet a few months ago, and I’ll tell you why later on.

Our lack of TV and internet often came up in conversations with people.  And their first response was always “You DON’T have that? What do you do all day?!”  Good question…what did we do in our spare time?  Well, we were newlyweds;) And we did actually have a big, brand new flat screen TV and a rather large collection of DVDs that we’d watch.  We also read books, cooked, made things and did house stuff.
We gardened. planned, decorated, organized.  We shoveled snow, baked, fixed things.  We just spent time together and sometimes enjoyed doing nothing.

Internet was something we eventually realized we really wanted but finding a provider was another story.  We had our hearts set on wireless hi speed internet because we both have laptops and wanted to watch videos online.  I called every provider I know but nobody could give us what we wanted.  I finally found a provider with the services we wanted for a reasonable price.  Having internet has made our lives a lot easier (what should we have for dinner tonight?  Let’s look for a recipe.  The shower pipes froze?  Let’s find a way to thaw them online).  We still don’t have cable or satellite TV, but we don’t need it.  We’re fine watching movies we’ve already seen or now watching new movies and TV shows online.

I’d like to point out that we both went from daily TV and internet access before our marriage to having nothing.  We quit cold turkey.  And it wasn’t as hard as you may think.  If you’ve ever considered forgoing either of those entertainment sources, I strongly suggest you do it!  It’s especially awesome if you have kids because then you can do more family activities together (if we had kids we’d take them for nature walks on our street, ID animal tracks, make crafts, cook, etc).

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