winter maxi skirt and oversized sweater

Greetings on this chilly day!  Currently it is very cold out, but the snow stopped yesterday.  The wind, however, was TERRIBLE all day!  We finally got that wave of bad weather our American friends had a few weeks ago, and I’m glad it’s over.  I had a meeting with the director of student ministries at my church on Friday because I’d like to start volunteering with the youth group there.  We just met at a coffee shop, but I still wanted to look somewhat presentable.  I needed to show her that I can dress casually, while still looking put together and appropriate for spending time with teenagers.  Since it was cold out, I opted for a maxi skirt with lots of layers underneath. I paired it with a slightly oversized, vintage sweater and belted it.


sweater: vintage, from my mom’s closet
belt: H&M
skirt: dress from Old Navy
glasses: Modcloth

maxiskirtoversizedsweater maxiskirtoversizedsweater

Apologies for the not so pretty background…it was bitterly cold and this was the only sheltered spot outside at my house.

pixiehairretroglassesSooooo….I hadn’t washed my hair in days when I took these photos.  I wash my hair every other day, but sometimes I forget when I washed it last and accidentally go 3 days between washes.  This was one of those days.  BUT the point of this shot is to show the glasses David got me for Christmas.  I love them!

In order to make this outfit practical for winter I wore thermal tights and socks under the skirt.  On top I wore a tank top, long sleeved shirt and the sweater.  Since the sweater is older the weave has sort of stretched out making it not very warm.  I chose to wear a belt because the sweater would have been too sloppy if left alone.

I’ve been wearing this skirt so much lately, since I only have 2 maxi skirts.  I’d really like to get some more but don’t want to spend a fortune.  Has anyone had luck buying inexpensive, but good quality, skirts online?  Mine are better suited to summer, so I’d like some with a thicker fabric.  I’ve been eyeballing this one for months, but I’m not sure about the price.


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4 comments on “winter maxi skirt and oversized sweater

  1. Christina I love those glasses-they’re perfect for you!! I got my maxi skirts at TJ Maxx (Marshall’s) and they were only 19.99, really thick and nice quality. I’m not sure if you have that store near you but thought I’d suggest it. :)

  2. I agree- the wind here in Ohio has been brutal! I love the bright blue of the maxi skirt, and I love your sunglasses! And don’t worry- your hair looks fine! I mean, have you SEEN my hair sometimes? On my blog at least…. :)

    • Our property backs onto a field so we get TERRIBLE winds that cause huge snow drifts. Thank you, I love it too! It feels so bright and cheery in the winter. Haha, your hair looks fine too:)

      Thanks for reading:)

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