winter remix: grey maxi dress

Winter is in full force, everyone.  Our temps lately have been about -25C during the day…factor in the wind and blowing snow and it makes for some less than stellar weather.  But that’s what we can expect for winter in Canada!  Even though it’s been super cold out I’m still able to wear skirts and dresses instead of pants.  I actually stay warmer in a dress than I ever did in jeans because I can wear thick tights and knee socks underneath.  Maxi skirts are my clothing of choice these days but I really only have 2 that can be into cooler weather (I have an awesome maxi dress for summer but the floral pattern deems it unfit for winter).  Lately I’ve been wearing a striped summer dress and adding layers to make it more winter appropriate.

striped winter maxi skirt

winter maxi skirt


I was wearing a lot of clothing in these pictures..starting with a tank top, then the dress and the pink top.  I added the cardigan for extra warmth and belted it ’cause that’s how I roll.  Thick, fleece lined tights and fuzzy socks were added to keep my legs and feet warm.


This dress is one that I thought I’d wear during the summer and pack away come fall. But I’m glad I tried making ti work for winter because it is so comfy and easy.  Previously I tried layering a long sleeved shirt underneath and it looked okay, but not great. I much prefer this option, of wearing the shirt over the dress.

Something you can’t see too well in these photos are my boots.  My feet are pretty much always cold and my beloved knee high boots are just not cutting it in snow.  I have a pair of actual winter boots but they are heavy and my feet get hot in them if I wear them shopping or for errands.  My hunt for winter boots that looked good and were practical brought me to the Blundstone boots.  I knew people in college who wore them year round but I’d been hesitant to get a pair since they are kind of pricey.  But I caved and bought a pair with my Christmas money and I’m so glad I did.


They are the only footwear I’ve worn since buying them.  I wear them with dresses, to work and out for errands.  My feet are super warm and dry and these boots are comfy. My feet have a terrible arch and I experience all sorts of pain up my legs and hips if I wear cheap or unsupported footwear, but I can stand in my Blundstones all day and have no problems.  **I was not contacted by Blundstone to talk about the boots…I just believe in them as a product and want to share my experience with you!

Since I’m relatively new to wearing long skirts year round, can you guys offer any tips or tricks for me?  Are certain fabrics easier to layer or wear?  Do you find your activities are limited when wearing long skirts?  And bonus question: what is the craziest/most unusual thing you’ve done while wearing a maxi skirt?  I split some firewood while wearing one!


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4 comments on “winter remix: grey maxi dress

  1. I love you you made a summer dress work for winter- so cute! I only have one maxi so I can’t offer much advice for wearing them. I do enjoy the feel of walking in them though, with the fabric swishing around my feet. :) and I’m not sure what the craziest thing I’ve done in them is…. Laundry maybe? :P

    • Thanks! I only have a few long skirts and dresses so I’m trying to get as much use as a I can all year. I like the fabric swishy feeling too:)

  2. I love the way you were able to make a summer dress work in the winter! This post makes me want to go and dig out my maxi skirts and dresses and try to layer them up for the winter months. Great idea! I bought a few maxi skirts and dresses for a trip to India (because it was super warm and I was advised to wear clothes that fell below the knee). So, the craziest thing that I did in a maxi skirt was taking a rickshaw ride through Pune and getting in an accident! (Everyone was OK!) And I’ve found that I don’t enjoy walking in maxi skirts and dresses if they don’t have a little slit at the bottom of the skirt…it just feels like I’m shuffling along otherwise. Haha.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you were inspired! Oh wow…that is very adventurous! If I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking in a long dress I wear one that either has some stretch or flares out at the waist so there is more room for movement.

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